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     Utilizing the exact same tools and age-old crafting techniques employed by the original makers,  we restore, refinish and refurbish all makes and models, sizes and shapes of just about every trunk, storage trunk, treasure chest, antique trunk,  vintage trunk, steamer trunk, storage chest, wardrobe trunk, coffee table trunk,  toy chest and wooden chest ever made (metal trunks too!).
With the on-going demand continually increasing for antique furniture and antique trunks, many people have recently been finding  an antique trunk, steamer trunk, toy chest or storage trunk in their own homes that have been stored away for years in attics or basements, collecting dust and ignored.  Maybe the trunk isn't in working condition, has a broken latch, or hinge or, worse yet, a musty odor that makes it unusable.  Realizing the potential value of preserving these pieces of antique furniture,  along with the growing need for home storage, we have been receiving many calls from individuals wanting to have their heirloom restored or refurbished, for obvious reasons.  Aside from the versatility and beauty an antique trunk offers as furniture ( a trunk coffee table, for example) and storage, families are preserving a legacy to be passed down through the generations which is a smart way to add to a lasting record of family history.   Should you have such an antique trunk, storage trunk, toy chest or steamer trunk at home or in storage that is in need of an extended life, waiting to be restored or needing to be "fixed",  we're happy to help and can perform antique trunk restorations for you in less time, and at a very reasonable rate, than you would anticipate.  If you click on the tab to the left labeled PRIVATE RESTORATIONS, you can see examples of trunk restorations that we've had the privilege to work on for others, along with more detail on how to get the ball rolling.  Worth noting is that we welcome ALL antique trunks to restore, a toy chest, a storage trunk, steamer trunk, treasure chest, trunk toy chest, a vintage trunk, we have the know-how to do all.    We're happy to restore even wardrobe trunks, like the one in the picture below.

For the trade, we offer custom work as well and are always excited and ready to work with interior designers with a specific vision or plan for any given project and within your time parameters.  Please browse these pages as ideas may come to you that perhaps you've not thought of.  If you like the specific shape or look of any given piece, we're able to re-create it for you, in any color, size or shape that might fit your project. 

Please feel free to call us at 310-318-7129 for a free quote today.  We will be happy to discuss how to get started, help with any shipping questions you may have and begin on the restoration of your precious heirloom!

We also have a great collection of antique trunks, steamer trunks, toy chests, storage trunks and coffee table trunks that we offer for sale and you can find these by clicking on the tab to the left labeled ANTIQUE TRUNKS FOR SALE.  We're always adding more antique trunks to this section so please be sure to check back often.  Chances are that we'll have a restored antique trunk, steamer trunk, toy chest, vintage trunk, treasure chest, trunk coffee table or storage chest that would be perfect for your needs, ready to go!

                                We also ship world-wide.  Give us a call 310-318-7129