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How is it that the restoration of antique trunks and design are connected?  We are often asked this question and the answer is that we offer two related, but distinct services and products.

 For one, we offer our expert craftsmanship in the traditional sense.  We restore antique trunks for those wanting to have their own antique trunk brought back to life and we have experience with restoring just about every make model, size and shape of trunk that was ever made.   If you have an old trunk that you’ve been using as a storage bin in your attic, or maybe as a storage container in your basement or garage and would like to see that trunk restored, refinished and made beautiful and turned into a decorative trunk that you will be able to use, we perform restorations like this every day and would be more than happy to quote you a very reasonable rate, along with a realistic time frame for completing the work.  If it is an antique steamer trunk that you would like to use as a coffee table trunk in your living room, or you are in need of an additional toy box, or storage trunk,  we can clean, re-line and restore your antique trunk and then add legs to it (if you would like) allowing it to be the perfect height for your specific application.  Do you have a large wardrobe trunk that you don’t know what to do with?  We can make the piece completely useful again by refinishing the entire inside, as well as the outside, or transform it into something that will work within your home, something other than a storage container.  How about making it into a bar?  We can preserve, repair, refinish, rejuvenate, revive and make new again, that precious heirloom that you’d like to pass down for generations.   

Please don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss restoring your antique trunk.  We're up early, and work well into the evenings (on weekends too!) and would love to talk to you about how to get started.  We'll be able to give you an accurate estimate for the cost, the best and easiest way to pack and ship your trunk to us, and also give you a time frame for completing the work and when you'll have your trunk back home again.  
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Do you want to know where you can buy a trunk?  The “DESIGN” work we do on antique and vintage trunks is the second half of our mission.  RE-design would be a more fitting description of this work as we take artistic license to creatively restore most of these antique trunks, adding design elements which we hope will augment, and in some cases, exaggerate the original design, or personality of the trunk.  We offer these antique trunks as our line of ANTIQUE TRUNKS FOR SALE and if you click on that tab to the left, you will see examples of this work.  Steamer trunks, wooden chests, wardrobe trunks, Jenny Lind trunks, toy chests, decorative trunks, toy boxes and coffee table trunks can be so much more than just a storage container and we have them all,  in just about every size, shape and color imaginable.  All for sale,  right here.

There is another service that we offer too but we thought that if we named our company ANTIQUE TRUNK RESTORATION & DESIGN AND CUSTOM WORK TOO, it would be a bit too long to remember, but we also produce custom made trunks!   For customs, we try to utilize genuine antique trunk hardware on these whenever possible and can duplicate just about any of the trunks that we’ve sold in the past.

Say, for instance, that you wanted to have a matching pair of side table trunks for your bedroom and you wanted to also utilize these as additional storage trunks.   We can build and fabricate these in your choice of fabrics (or leather) and color, and size.  Unlike many of mass-produced “antique” trunks you might see for sale, these would be one-of-a-kind pieces, built entirely to your specifications, typically at a price similar to our re-designed genuine antique trunks.  We offer generous trade discounts to the interior design community and are always excited to work with designers world-wide in creating these custom pieces.   You don’t have to be an interior designer to have us build you one either.  We’re also happy to work with people wanting to have a custom trunk designed to call their own.

Lately, I've been asked the same question  about if it is wise to restore your trunk, or leave it "as is"  I was lucky to find a statement regarding this question which answers it much better than I could have and if you continue to scroll down, past the below photos, you will see that BUSACCA GALLERY in San Francisco offers  words on this very topic....

“Much controversy exists over "restored" or "original" in relation to a trunks value. However, little information exists regarding what actually determines the value of a trunk or even a proper definition of the term "value" as it is applied in this situation. For the largest percentage of trunks, an increase in monetary value is bestowed upon those with visual appeal, exceptional condition, unique attributes such as rare design, or are from a maker whose works are collected. Often, it matters little each way whether these examples are restored or original as the value is determined on a case by case basis by the individual buyer. However, there are trunks that exist whose value is measured not only in monetary terms, but more importantly, historical value. This is the heart of the debate and the only real argument that exists in trunk restoration. To take an essentially ruined standard trunk with not one shred of evidence regarding its past and restoring it to a nice, usable antique piece generally makes it more appealing and increases its market value over its original state. However, restoring a trunk with a link to an important historical person or event could destroy any proof of its past in which case history is lost and the monetary value would significantly be reduced. As it turns out, situations exist where both sides are correct. A well done restoration or refinish can increase a trunks value. Conversely, that same restoration can destroy important information regarding a trunks history and its original condition would have been the more valuable state in all aspects. This debate is not unique to trunks and frequently applied to most antiques in general. Often, the most important skill is in understanding the significance and uniqueness of the particular trunk in question. Some are simply very rare while others could be called historically significant. A proper restoration should begin with understanding the type of trunk in question and researching information regarding the history of the trunk if present. If in doubt, it is best to approach conservatively. Nearly all of the hundreds of professional and part-time restorers in the United States have their preferred or learned method of restoration. However, there are only a few who are able to gain the experience necessary to master more than two proper techniques.”