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                                                           DESIGN OF THE WEEK:  MEGLA TRUNK 

When MARK CUTLER DESIGN of Los Angeles asked if we could build a massive steamer trunk from scratch and have it keep all of the design elements of our antique redesign of the wall trunk WALLAMENA  we said "Why not?!"  The over-sized build of MEGLA TRUNK is constructed of 1/4" plywood and we utilized mostly genuine antique cast hardware, adding a pair of large cast solid brass draw bolts.  We tried fitting the piece with the largest leather handles we could find but none were in keeping with the symmetry of the trunk, so we made by hand a pair of over-sized harness leather handles with special "curled" hand sewn edges and then attached them with curled 2" nails, capped with cast steel 1 1/2" rosettes.   We've never built, let alone seen, a trunk with these proportions.  Two Great White sharks could easily fit into this trunk.  And here in Manhattan Beach CA, we're sure many people would think it a good use for the trunk.
ANTIQUE TRUNK RESTORATION & DESIGN is all about the antique trunk.  Steamer trunks, storage trunks, decorative trunks, trunk tables, vintage trunks, antique chests, wooden chests, toy chests, storage chests and just about every make, model and vintage of each is our universe.  Our mission is not only to refurbish, restore, repurpose and preserve these antique trunk heritage pieces but to give them new life, with contemporary design, allowing for endless home, office and display application.  Each and every antique trunk that we work on becomes a transformed, stand-alone, one-of-a-kind work of art that is not only an eye-catching addition to your environment, but a useful and practical, long lasting statement of individuality.

With the on-going demand continually increasing for an antique trunk, many people have recently been finding trunks in their own homes, that have been stored away for years in attics or basements, collecting dust and ignored.  Realizing the potential value of these pieces along with the growing need for home storage, we have been receiving calls in record numbers from individuals wanting to have their heirloom restored, or refurbished for obvious reasons.  Aside from the versatility a trunk offers as furniture and storage, families are preserving a legacy to be passed down through the generations which is a smart (not to mention very "hip") way to create a lasting record of family history.   Should you have such a trunk at home or in storage that is in need of an extended life, we're happy to help and can perform the work for you in less time than you would anticipate.  If you click on the tab to the left labeled PRIVATE RESTORATIONS, you can see examples of antique trunks that we've had the privilege to restore for others, along with more detail on how to get the ball rolling.

While we won't always strictly adhere to historical accuracy when re-designing antique trunks for sale(although we do utilize the same methodology, tools and build techniques originally used to create them) we take artistic license to make them better, in every way-stronger and reinforced, more durable, more appealing and yes, fancier and more beautiful than the way they appeared when originally built.  The original condition, size, shape and usually the hardware of each antique trunk and storage trunk often provides the inspiration to best embellish and turn an antique trunk, or a steamer trunk,  into a one-of-a-kind piece and this is when the fun starts for us because no two of our antique trunks are ever the same.  Each antique trunk and steamer trunk becomes a stand-alone piece, refurbished, re-designed and restored to last for at least another 100 years.

You won't get a history lesson here about antique trunks, vintage trunks, storage chests, steamer trunks, toy boxes and other treasure chests and we won't try to convince you that we are better than "the next guy" because what we do is entirely different with our antique trunks.   What you will find here are truly unique antique trunks, beautiful pieces of antique furniture, one-of-a-kind decorative trunks and storage chests that are useful additions for a multitude of design applications that will be centerpiece anchors for any room, period.  We offer each antique trunk, storage trunk, steamer trunk, antique chest, toy chest, vintage trunk, storage chest and every kind of trunk that we work on with pride and hope that you enjoy owning one of our restored and re-designed antique trunks as much as we have enjoyed working on each of them!

For the trade, we offer custom work as well and are always excited and ready to work with specific vision for any given project and within your time parameters.