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On these pages, you will find (and see) that we have a wide selection of antique trunks, steamer trunks, wooden chests, storage chests, wardrobe trunks, coffee table trunks, toy chests, pirates chests and just about every size and shape of antique trunk ever made for sale.  Some of these that we offer for sale have been redesigned.  Others have been restored or refurbished, but all have most certainly been repaired and brought back to life in a new incarnation, so that they are stronger, more solid and will last for another 100 years, at least.  In addition to the "Design" work we do on antique trunks, we also offer our antique trunk restoration services to those interested in having their own antique trunk restored, repaired, refurbished and revitalized.  We can transform your old, weathered, beaten, aging trunk back to its original glory, turning it into a useful and beautiful piece of furniture for your home, or for your office.   If you have an old trunk that you've been thinking about getting restored, we welcome hearing from you.  We take great pride in our craftsmanship (as you will see) and will treat your trunk as if it were our own.  Our antique trunk restoration services are very affordable and we also can work within a time frame that won't take "forever"....ordinarily about 6 - 8 weeks to complete.  Please feel free to contact us directly  at
and we'll answer your call and be able to give you a free quote.  You can also reach us via email at

We also specialize in custom work and can build a trunk, usually utilizing genuine antique trunk hardware, to your specifications down to size, shape, color and texture.  How about converting that old wardrobe trunk you have into something more useful...like a BAR, which you can roll into any room in the house.  Or having us turn your low, wide bodied trunk into a useful coffee table, with legs to suit your décor.  How about letting us redesign the interior of your antique dome top trunk for dedicated storage of your fine china, with removable shelves and trays for easy access.  What may now seem like a useless old wooden chest can be changed into a customized, beautiful piece of furniture that will last more than a lifetime.  For the trade, we offer generous discounts and can work within most budgets.             


                                We also ship world-wide.  Give us a call 310-318-7129